Ta Sharab

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TA Sharab is an Arabian purebred, born in Italy in 2004.

The sire of Ta Sharab is Shirzal LM (by Ghazal Imdal x Shirzada by Amaal)

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His bloodlineage is from Arabian horses bred in America, that are well know for their big structure and many ancestors from Crabbet bloodline. They are used most for show.

The mother line breeding (Arabel by Dashar x Gual Ubaiyan by Navarro III) is from Purebred Spanish Arabian, most of them bred by Yeguada Militar Stud.

About Ta Sharab 

Ta Sharab is very excitable and susceptible horse, needs to be managed with gentleness and by familiar people. He looks always full of energy with a strong temperament, so is difficult to understand when he had reached his limit, because he would never give up to go on to race, but when he relax himself, during a race,  becomes very easy and pleasant to ride.

He has a fast recovery heart, speedy movements and wide gaits.

Ta Sharab has been finished two 120 km, one 70+70 and one 95+95 in the most strong endurance track on Alps in Italy, at the international race of Torgnon (AO). View the ARTICLE about

He is never been eliminated in endurance races, only some retired for the wellness of the horse and for preserving his health.

Sharab finished  in novembre 2016 another 95+95 km in Follonica and in 2017 at the Italian Championship he is arrived 10°. So he had been convocated for European Championship for italian Team to European senior  Masters in Belgium like “reserve horse” and he raced in the Ladies Cup 120 km the day after the EU – CH. He had been ranked with Scola Adelaide at the Ladies Cup to the 7th position, at speed average of 17.8, and 7th position also in Italian Championship 2018 in Pratoni del Vivaro at 13.7 km/h.


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