Star Magic, a 87,5% arabian horse

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Star Magic is an Italian Sport Horse born in Italy in 2011.

This big bay mare is sister of Nuribia, by the mother Delphica and his father is the stallion Lanciere Ruspina.

Here is her PEDIGREE on-line, like we know the mating done.

The sire Lanciere Ruspina achieved good results in flat races. He is son of Rubis de Carrere and the mare Taunanella (by Veinard al Maury). 10 of 12 Taunanella’s offsprings raced for a total prize money of 140,000 euro.

Also in endurance there are many offsprings by Rubis de Carrere and Veinard al Maury who had taken part in international courses with results.

Mother’s blood line: mostly of horses are Arabian, with 1/8 of angloarabians and 1/8 by famous standardbreds. The Arabian part is from INSIATUR, a sire imported in Europe from Iran. He is by the most important and historical Persian purebred arabians bred by desert beduins tribe and the breeder Majid Khan Bakhtiar.

What about her pedigree without ascendents

The parents of Star Magic have been mated with the idea of reproducing a genealogy similar to Nuribia, her sister. Nuribia at the time of the mating has been already started in endurance courses with excellent results. But unfortunately since 2008 in Italy,  the UNIRE regulations (the national association of Italian horse breeding), today called Mipaaf, did not recognized the offspring between an “Italian Sport Horse” and a “Purebred Arabian”, whereby the product is born in Italy. So this offspring has accesses to the awards granted by the Association, but not the genealogy on the pedigree without wrote the names of the ancestors, that are so “unknown”, like the breed of the horse, even if the bloodline is made by good performance horses.

 About the horse

Star Magic is a well structured and quite high horse, 1.56 cm hight, with a very good temperament, easy to ride and with  wide gaits.

She already finished two 30 km, one with a second place, one 60 km race and another 40 km in 2016 and in 2017 one 80km, one 90km and one 90 FEI.

This big bay mare finished her first CEI* at 6th position, with the fastest recovery heart in less than a minute, a total average of race of 17,1 km/h with the last loop at 18.3!







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