Pitagora, a bay Jumping horse (SOLD)

Pitagora, a bay Jumping horse of big structure

Pitagora is a big bay jumping horse. He is born in Italy in the late summer season of 2012 by Chinook Aremac and the mother AL.CA.I Querida (from Nec Plus Ultra de Septon). He is very hight, around 1,78 and is very easy to ride.

View HERE the pedigree on line

In his bloodline famous performer sires like Orlando, Darco (two times inbreeded), Emilion,  Nimmerdor and others.

Al. Ca. I. Querida is mother of the mare Rimmpy,  born in 2007 by the stallion Goodwill, that is still starting in cat. 140 in Italy.

Pitagora is located in a stable in Bergamo (Italy), where is SOLD.

Here there are some video about his best performances.

He has also a sister On-sale, by the same mother. Darlady Silver is born in 2015 and is now located in Chechz Republic, near Prague. Father is Levisonn. View HERE  her pedigree.

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