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Cortal‘s consumers can benefit of a dedicated company with a several years operating record in athletic horses food production.

Only strict quality control practices and the careful choice of the best ingredients are used  for Linea Cavalli Cortal, choosed by Valtenesi Horses, not least the cold extrusion in food processing.
Their products are naturally healthy and easy to digest, making the best choice for competitive horses.

 Osteopath Daniele Bresciani

Daniele Bresciani has a degree for University of Brescia  and a long working experience with animal health and welfare.

Currently is general manager of Human and Horse Osteopathic .

 Endurance Online


Endurance Online is an unique tool for all the sportsman and breeders who wants to have a role in this amazing equestrian sport.

Endurance Online was created and founded by Mr.Fabio Zuccolo, and is a complete information resource of races, horses, riders, events and championships and everything going on into the Endurance World.

 Nationales Bretonnes


Brittany’s equestrian endurance association.

 Anica Horses








Italian National Association of Arabian Horses was founded in 1979 in Rome, under approval of World Arabian Horse Organization.

Anica Horses is in charge of certifications and registering of all the arabian horses born and breeded in Italy. The association counts more than one thousands members, both breeders and owners.

 All Breed Pedigree

The most complete world database of pedigree’s horses. On this website there is a complete overview of our horses genealogy and data.

 World Arabian Ably

Arabian Horses Magazine.

   Italian Breeder Endurance Association, born in 2018, for the development of Italian breeding horses for endurance.

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