Orion Valtenesis

Orion Valtenesis
Orion Valtenesis: gorgeous offspring of our beloved Orsenigo

Orion Valtenesis is the first foal in the farm, born in 2016 by the leased mare Vriesia della Bosana and our stallion Orsenigo.

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In his bloodline there are performance stallions like: Caligola by Veinard al Maury, Rubis de Carrere by Elaborat and Prizak by Kankan, the father of the well noted stallion of Persik. Orion is a mix of polish and french endurance and race bloodline.

The foal Orion Valtenesis is treated like all the others Valtenesi’s young horses. He lives together with other foals of the same year of birt, since the early age. He can stay in green areas and large paddocks, up and down on gentle slopes.

We think that is very important to raising foals in the respect of  the natural time of their growing and development.

Between the three and four years old he will start with the first education and when he will be four years old, the training process also will begin.


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