Mbastir de Pine

Mbastir de Pine is a bay arabian horse born in 2018 at “De Pine” Stud in Italy.

He is at the moment 1.55 high.

In 2021 he started with flat races with a placed.

Mbastir is born from the stallion Muqatil al Khalidiah and the mare Ludovine du Paon.

View HERE his pedigree on-line

The father of Mbastir de Pine, Muqatil al Khalidiah, come from one of the famous desert bred in the world Tiwaiq, well know of the fast performance of his progeny in flat races. The female bloodline is typical french, from Dormane and Dunixi.

Dormane is also the father of Ludovine du Paon, the mother of Mbastir, from a tunisinian female bloodline.

This bay horse for his conformation could be ideally suited for giving more speed to its progeny, mating also him with mares of consolidated endurance bloodlines.

Speed and robustness can also be enhanced and transmitted thanks to the inbreeding with Dormane.

Mbastir de Pine at the Stallion Show of AIACE (Italian Association of Endurance Horses Breeder) 2022
Mbastir de Pine