Lr Rayhan (SOLD)

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Lr Rayhan is an Arabian purebred born in Italy in 2009.

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Rayhan‘s  Sire, Tauqui al Masan, is a French Elite Stallion, that has 5 stars in Endurance charts. Tauqui el Masan don’t need presentation, for his several performance offsprings know worldwide.

The mother, LR Nabila, is from the sire Nikel (by Kumir) that is a stallion by russian race lineage. Nikel had been competed also in flat races with good placement and is well know also for his beauty.  After four years in leasing in France like a stallion, now is at the Kossack Stud in Holland.

About the grand mother Countess Mira, that is by Silver Scenario and Elmira (99,9 % Crabbet), she has 10 offspring, that most of them had been started with the endurance discipline.  Three of them had taken part to courses of 160 km with excellent results, good placement and wins in international races.

LR Rayhan is a high purebred arabian with a good structure and elegance, gifted of fast and long gaits. He has also a good recovery heart rate.

Is qualified for 90 km races.

He is a sensitive horse that must be carefully managed for his powerful. He needs to have full trust from the rider, to work well and in relax.




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