LR Cecilie

LR Cecilie, a great leasing experience from an high heritage

LR Cecilie is a broodmare in leasing. She was borrowed by an important breeder of Arabian Purebred from years and is another Valtenesi good breeding agreement.

View her PEDIGREE on-line here

LR Cecile has an high profile heritage. Her relatives are, from tunisian bloodline by the mother Aigoual Dorah (by Niaud). In her pedigree we can find founders performance horses like Esmet Ali, Baroud III ed IBN, from Tunisia.

Her father is the famous Tauqui el Masan (by Masan), a five star French Elite Stallion, that don’t needs any presentation. 

Eddy and Adelaide made Cecilie mate with the stallion Sadepers by Persik (view here the PEDIGREE on-line), another French Elite Stallion 5 stars. His offsprings already are racing in endurance courses with good results and also big performance and wins.

She is qualified for CEI **