Ungaretto, a chestnut angloarabian Gelding born in 2013, qualified for 90 Km

This Anglo Arabian horse on sale  is 1.60 cm hight.

Nettuno Phoenix, arabian young stallion of 3 years of age (2020). Good nature and movement. Actual height 1.49 cm. Race and endurance bloodline.

Badea Sinaloa, arabian young stallion of 4 years old (2019). Actual height 1.49 cm. Race and endurance bloodline. From same father Nizam Suwaida (n. Fei 105MM47) winner in 140 km and in Italy Zaira del Ma, winner in 90km and in CEI* 100km (+BC). From same mother Mashur, Zirmo de Pine, winner in CEIYR* 100 km.

Mei Phoenix, arabian mare of 4 years old (2019). Height 1.48. Father best Race bloodline, mother endurance/show bloodline.

Talei, arabian horse on sale. She is a mare with experience, also with foals. She is 11 years old (2012). Height 1.48. She has arrived until 60 km in endurance races.

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Mrs Adelaide Scola


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