Grand Italia, a jumping Horse (sold)

Grand Italia is a bay jumping italian sport horse, born in Italy in 2012.



Grand Italia in pictures jumping Cat. 115

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The father bloodline

The father of Grand Italia, this beautiful bay mare, is Clever Aremac, a son of the famous belgian stallion Orlando. To underline is that in Clever’s bloodline there are many other famous sires like Heartbreaker, Jalisco B, Darco, Silvano by Le Mexico e Furioso.

She is the only offspring of Clever, made when he was still a young horse. Then the owner let him become a gelding.

Clever Aremac now is eleven years old and he has in his palmares performances in Grand Prix, jumping hight of 145 cm with excellent placements.

The maternal bloodline

Hidalguia della Baia, the mother of Grand Italia,  is one of the offspring of the sire Acobat I.  Her female linebreeding is from a typical italian sport  breed that’s name is “Salernitano“. This original italian breed was used at the beginning of ‘900 for several disciplines and by the italian army on horseback for his strong temperament.

The Salernitano had been also influenced by thoroughbred, to create a perfect horses for jumping. Posillipo, Merano and Fiorello are the names of the best salernitan horses known.  They have been done excellent performances at the Olimpic games  between the years 1956 and 1972.

About Grand Italia

Grand Italia was is in training in Cechz Republic, where she already did several jumping shows, suitable  for her young age.

Hidalguia della Baia is a broodmare which owner was Mrs Adelaide Scola and she  was a present gifted some year ago by her father.

But he project of Valtenesi Horse breeding is about endurance horses.  Consequently there is not interest to go on with horses of a different discipline from endurance. This is the reason of the selling.

Grand Italia now is in a stable in Lodi, near Milan and soon she will start with Mipaff Jung horses Italian Championship.

Here below there are two videos of the last jumping training in march 2018 – 120 high and more

Previous videos

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