Geniuss (SOLD)

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Geniuss genealogy and arabian purebred relatives.

Geniuss is an Arabian Purebred, born in Italy in 2004.

His father is Shirzal LM (da Ghazal Imdal x Shirzada da Amaal) part of an Arabian horses bloodline bred in America. He has a big body structure and many ancestors from Crabbet bloodline, that used in Italy  above all for Arabian Purebred Shows.

This horses mother line breeding (Gual Ubaiyan by Navarro III x Gual Jazira by Galeon) is from Purebred Spanish Arabian,  so most of their relatives are bred by Yeguada Militar Stud. This bloodlineage is used mostly in endurance breeding and also for show.

The horse attitude and performances as beginners

Geniuss attitude is calm and gentle and is  an very easy to ride, although he loves gentleness. Geniuss structure and body are strong and sturdy.

He is a robust horse with steady gaits, quite speedy and gifted by a excellent recovery heart.

As a result of this exceptional body and health his performances as beginners are impressive.

This is probably why both in his first 30 kilometers  race until the first 160 kilometers race he has never been eliminated (only one retired, to preserve the horse from bed weather conditions that day).

Most noteworthy, he was able to finish his first three 120 kilometers races and won his first 160 kilometers in only seven months.

Geniuss is sold to UEA, owner is Al Shababi Stable




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