Dawas HCM

Dawas HCM is a colt born in 2019. The father is Mared al Sahra and the mother Asas out of Hafid Du Bac (from Djourman).

The breeder is Dr. Abbara Hosain (QAT), whom we thank for the presentation below.

View the pedigree online of Dawas HCM HERE

About the father

Mared al Sahra is a gray stallion from Amer. He is father of many winners in Qatar, place where is born. He also wins 6 times and 13th are the placement. View HERE his webpage. The mother Massamarie is from Tidjani and female bloodline from Manganate. She is full sister of Margouia, mother of the well noted Assy, another famous son out of Amer, like Mared al Sahra. View HERE the presentation of Assy.

Female bloodline

Asas is born form the stallion Hafid du Bac (from Djourman) and from the mother Al Wajba. She has won in Qatar 2 times and 11 times she placed. Also the mother of Dawas HCM has in her palmares 1 win and 4 placement.