Mulaz Valtenesis

Mulaz Valtenesis is a colt born in 2023 from the stallion Muntaser al Khalediah and the mare Mokarabia. In his pedigree the […]

Sunny Boy Valtenesis

Sunny Boy Valtenesis is a beautiful bay colt born in 2021. Son of Daffaa Athbah from Munjiz and Suahili. At two years […]

Marmolada Valtenesis

Beautiful dark bay filly born in spring 2023 from our Stallion Apocalisse della fonte and the mare Mei Phoenix (da Muqatil al […]

Mei Phoenix

Mei Phoenix, arabian mare of 4 years old (2019). Height 1.48. Father best Race bloodline, mother endurance/show bloodline. She will be still […]

Nettuno Phoenix

Nettuno Phoenix, arabian young stallion of 3 years of age (2020). Good nature and movement. Actual height 1.49 cm. Race and endurance […]


Suahili, a purebred arabian from flat races Suahili is a purebred arabian born in 2012 in Poland. The father is  Vasyli Kossack, from Vydumka, […]