Tisa DA

Tisa DA is an arabian mare born in 2013 in Belgium. Now she is in the Italian database ANICA. She is a […]

Mei Phoenix

Mei Phoenix, arabian mare of 4 years old (2019). Height 1.48. Father best Race bloodline, mother endurance/show bloodline. She will be still […]


Suahili, a purebred arabian from flat races Suahili is a purebred arabian born in 2012 in Poland. The father is  Vasyli Kossack, from Vydumka, […]

Florena (Sold)

 Florena, an angloarabian mare with 45% arabian blood                 This gray mare is an angloarabian born […]

Criseide Phoenix (SOLD)

Criseide Phoenix  Criseide Phoenix is a chestnut mare by Aranik Kossack born in 2011. In her pedigree the heritage of the best […]

LR Cecilie

LR Cecilie, a great leasing experience from an high heritage LR Cecilie is a broodmare in leasing. She was borrowed by an important breeder of Arabian […]


Talei, a purebred arabian from the best race bloodlines Talei is an hight genealogy  broodmare. She was born in 2012, and in […]

Salima Suelzu (SOLD)

Salima Suelzu is a grey purebred arabian born in 2011 in Italy Salima Suelzu is half sister of our Orsenigo by the […]