Ortica AA

Ortica, an angloarabian filly Ortica is a filly born in 2018 from our purebred stallion ORSENIGO and the angloarabian mare FLORENA. She is an angloarabian with a big percentage of arabian blood and her document is from MIPAAF Italian Horse Association.  We are still waiting the full name of the filly. See the pedigree of Ortica […]


Suahili, a purebred arabian from flat races Suahili is a purebred arabian born in 2012 in Poland. The father is  Vasyli Kossack, from Vydumka, a mare by the Kossack Stud. See  HERE the video of one of her races in Poland. See HERE her pedigree online, in which there are many famous race performers. The female line breeding by Sasanka becomes from the […]

Nyomi Valtenesis

Nyomi Valtenesis, a purebread filly born in 2018 Nyomi Valtenesis is a chestnut filly born in summer 2018. The mother is Lr Norma (from  Normativ, see HERE  the page aboutand from mother  Countess Mira by Silver Scenario).  Norma is an arabian mare born in Italy,  leased by  the slovenian breeder Gregor Pintar (Pintar Arabians), that is still the owner.  Her mother is […]

Uma Valtenesis

Uma Valtenesis Uma is a bay filly born in spring  2018. Her mother’s name is Keren and the father Udjess de Bozoul. HERE there is the presentation of this beautifl bay stallion from Dahess. View the pedigree of Uma HERE  The mother from the stallion Ber Phanat is a mix of polish, russian and crabbet arabian […]

Ungaretto (On sale)

Ungaretto, a chestnut angloarabian stallion Ungaretto  is born in 2013 in Sardinia, by an anglo-arabian mare and the famous stallion Zaimes by Villasalto.  In his blood  there is the 74,5 % of arabian horses, even if he is an anglo-arabian. View HERE the pedigree He is now 1.60 cm high and is a gelding.    


 Florena, an angloarabian mare with 45% arabian blood                 This gray mare is an angloarabian born in 2001 in Sardinia by Piradin. View her pedigree HERE She is mother of 4 horses, the last one is a filly born in 2018 by ORSENIGO, another one is competing in endurance races,  Florianus born […]


Florianus, an Italian sport horse Florianus is born in 2012 and is a gray italian sport horse by Mipaaf association. His mother Florena, before to come a mare,  was suited for many discipline at “amateur” level. She was used from endurance to flat races, dressage,  jumping and fox hunting. She is an angloarabian born in […]

Persilla Valtenesis

Persilla Valtenesis  Persilla is a purebred arabian born in june 2017 . She is a very strong dark chestnut filly by Lr Cecilie, from Tauqui al Masan The female line-breeding is from Niaud and other well noted tunisinan Arabians. The sire of this beautiful filly is the great French Elite 5* stallion Sadepers.  He is considered one […]

Amiratha Valtenesis

Amiratha Valtenesis Amiratha Valtenesis is a beautiful chestnut filly born in mid april 2017. Click HERE to see the pedigree of the filly The mother is our Talei and the sire is a stallion in leasing in Sardinia in 2016 from Qatar: Zaeem al Shajaa. Click here to see his race record. Click here to see the […]

Cattleya Phoenix (SOLD)

Cattleya Phoenix is born in 2016 and is the daughter of Criseide Phoenix  and  the stallion Zante della Bosana by Muzac. There are a lot of sons from Muzac that are performing in endurance, also in high positions. In her  pedigree there are well noted stallion like Aranik Kossak by Nikel, Eldon, Mamluk, Balaton, Top […]