Eddy Accordini: the official Endurance Team Trainer

Eddy Accordini: mastering endurance races. Eddy Accordini  so far got more than 10 years of experience with endurance races. Before his fourthies, he already  achieved good results in this discipline. Especially relevant are his three years experience as Chef d’Equipe at Junior Pony Italian Championship, like the two year position as Chef d’Equipe for Veneto Endurance Riders for […]

Adelaide Scola: natural born breeder and endurance rider

    Adelaide Scola:  breeder and endurance rider Adelaide Scola was raised up in a well known breeder family in the Valtenesi area, a beautiful valley in north Italy countryside on lake Garda. As a result, she learned selection, breeding and passion for horses since her childhood. When she was only twelve she loved riding alone with her […]