Apocalisse Delafonte

Apocalisse Delafonte is a bay stallion high 1.56, born in 2018 from Zaeem al Shaaja and mother Oladike from Caligola.

Is free of SCID, CA and LFS (Laboklin 2022)

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In his pedigree we can find the famous “Desert Breed” Amer and other well know french names like Dormane and Djendel famous in the world for their performaces in flat races. Their progeny had been also good results in endurance races.

Apocalisse is a Stallion of good nature and with a big structure. Ideally he can be mated with slight and warmblood mares.

About the father

Zaeem al Shajaa, from Saudi Arabia, come from the “Desert Breed” Amer, that don’t need any presentations and the french mother Katre Karats, in which we find well note names like Djouras TU, the mare Fantasia (mother of Akbar e Zulema), Djendel from Manganate. There is also a little bit of old polish arabian blood of race horses.

His progeny born in Italy in 2017 are used in endurance and in flat races, with good results. Other products born before in his country of origin are now racing in Qatar, the most important in this moment is Al Addaaj, from mother Sho’alat Al Wajba (from Hatteen and Istoora).

Around the world there are a lot of preformance horses from the grandfather Amer that have big predispositions to endurance at high speed.

Female bloodline

The mother Oladike is from Caligola, a rated stallion of Italy, in flat and endurance races.

Caligola, is by Veinard al Maury, that is the full brother of Virgule al Maury, founder of race horses bloodlineage in North America, together with Elaborat, who is the Sire of Rubis de Carrere.

Caligola raced and won six times in Italy, earning a a total  money prize of more than 22,000 euros.

He  produced many offsprings during the last decade. Sixty-six (66)  of his offsprings took part in Italian flat races, and thirty-seven (37) of them earned together nearly 600,000 euros in money prize.

His mother Elmas is considered as one of the best mares born in Sardinia. She produced fourteen (14) offsprings and twelve (12) of them earned more than 450,000 euro just in Italy. The best are  Filindeu, Bonorvesu and Thaora. Also Ultra de Carrere is famous for her palmares of winning in flat races in UEA some years ago.

The mother of Oladike is from France, her name is Anadora De Brughere, out of the famous Stallion Dormane. She gave products who have been raced until 120 km.