Adelaide Scola: natural born breeder and endurance rider

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Adelaide Scola:  breeder and endurance rider

Adelaide Scola was raised up in a well known breeder family in the Valtenesi area, a beautiful valley in north Italy countryside on lake Garda.

As a result, she learned selection, breeding and passion for horses since her childhood. When she was only twelve she loved riding alone with her old French horses for hours in the country side, without worries by his parents because in that times it was not considered so dangerous.

Once grown up, Adelaide joined  the family company,  Valtenesi Dogs and Horses, and became a skilled trainer and breeder her too.

While successfully working for her family’s company, this horse lover became also passionate with endurance sport and endurance horse breeding, starting practicing endurance  at a professional level.

Now Mrs Scola has more than  8 years of experience with  endurance races. With her partner, Eddy Accordini, she is deeply involved in selecting and breeding the horses competing for Valtenesi Horses Team.

Consequently, before with her beloved horses Nuribia and then in the last two years, with her stallion Orsenigo, she reached several 1st and 2nd placement at endurance races of regularity, like the ones at the Regions Cup, and also good positions in faster longer races.

Especially relevant, due to her horses performance and health, Adelaide deserved the  BEST CONDITIONS Prize  in both  CEN A and CEN B event competitions.

She is a breeder recognized  by Anica Horses Association, which give her the name of the breeding “Valtenesis“.

Furthermore, she is rider registered by FEI, qualified until 160 km.



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