Darlady Silver (jumping horse) SOLD

Darlady Silver, a great jumping bloodline Darlady Silver is a grey big filly/mare (is 1.70 cm high) born in 2015, by the top performance stallion LEVISONN. See HERE the webpage about him, with all information, video and pictures. The mother,  Al. Ca. I. Querida, is also mother of the mare Rimmpy,  born in 2007 by the […]

Uma Valtenesis

Uma Valtenesis Uma is a bay filly born in spring  2018. Her mother’s name is Keren and the father Udjess de Bozoul. HERE there is the presentation of this beautifl bay stallion from Dahess. View the pedigree of Uma HERE  The mother from the stallion Ber Phanat is a mix of polish, russian and crabbet arabian […]

Pitagora, a bay Jumping horse (SOLD)

Pitagora, a bay Jumping horse of big structure Pitagora is a big bay jumping horse. He is born in Italy in the late summer season of 2012 by Chinook Aremac and the mother AL.CA.I Querida (from Nec Plus Ultra de Septon). He is very hight, around 1,78 and is very easy to ride. View HERE the […]

Grand Italia, a jumping Horse (sold)

Grand Italia is a bay jumping italian sport horse, born in Italy in 2012. Grand Italia in pictures jumping Cat. 115 View here her PEDIGREE on-line The father bloodline The father of Grand Italia, this beautiful bay mare, is Clever Aremac, a son of the famous belgian stallion Orlando. To underline is that in Clever’s […]